Bikram Yoga Posture Clinic with Lisa Pelzer

Last week we told you about a new series of Posture Clinics led by Lisa Pelzer, Saturday afternoons at the Kits Studio. The positive feedback has been pouring in – read what satisfied students have to say so far about these posture-perfecting sessions!

The Details

Each 60-minute Posture Clinic takes a maximum of eight students, giving you the chance to work one-on-one with an experienced Bikram Yoga instructor who has been teaching since 1996. For just $40, all yogis, beginner to advanced, may participate. To register call 604-742-3830.

What You’ll Learn at a Yoga Posture Clinic

  • Proper alignment in various Bikram Yoga postures
  • How to use the correct muscles in each posture
  • How to have an injury-free practice
  • How to go deeper in your postures
  • How to properly transition in and out of postures

 Lisa will take each group through several of the most difficult Bikram Yoga postures to master, like Half Moon Pose, Standing Head to Knee, Standing Bow and Triangle Pose – unless the group collectively decides to work on other poses. Using a wall or chair, Lisa will demonstrate and explain proper alignment for each posture, giving you a better sense of how to position your body/what proper alignment feels like. She may also suggest postures or work you can do outside the hot room to improve your overall practice.

Student Feedback

“Whether you’ve taken one Bikram Yoga class or 100, if there’s a posture you’re not quite sure about or struggle with Lisa’s Posture Clinic will greatly improve your practice. It could be something as simple as how you breathe or where you place your foot in relation to your body – Lisa will show you the way.” – Mark P.

“There’s a lot to be learned from watching someone else do a posture and listening to Lisa critique it. Most of the corrections came down to proper alignment, making me realize the actual importance of form before depth.” Dot C.

How do you keep your body straight in Half Moon? What does lock the knee really mean? When are your hips actually in the seat during Awkward Pose? An hour in the hot room with Lisa answered a lot of those questions, expanding my knowledge of the practice by leaps and bounds. I learned how to fully stretch forward to balance in Standing Bow, saw what Rabbit Pose is really supposed to look like and tweaked my form in Standing Head to Knee to remedy the pain I previously felt doing it. It was an extremely valuable experience.” – David K.

“Using the walls and a stool, Lisa showed us how to perform individual postures correctly. As opposed to regular practice, where you’re focused on yourself, it was really useful to watch others do the postures and learn from them. Lisa also encouraged our questions and took time to answer each on e- that’s also something you can’t do during a regular Bikram Yoga class that made the experience special. I left feeling inspired to incorporate what I’d learned into my regular practice.” – Dave L.

“You don’t do Bikram Yoga, you TRY it – that’s the truth and this Posture Clinic proves that there’s always so much more to learn, whether you’re a new yogi or well practised. Lisa gave key guidance for a number of postures I didn’t realize I could improve on; being able to talk through those movements was hyper-useful. Watching others be mentored helped me, too. There’s no doubt my practice will move swiftly forward after this time with Lisa, whose personal touch was inspiring and practical.” – Gordon N.

“Being surrounded by such dedicated students, all striving to improve their practice, created an amazing energy in the room. Lisa shared valuable training tips in a relatable and accessible way, working with us as a group and individually, and giving us a lot of encouragement. Not only was the Posture Clinic fun, it gave me a clearer vision of my yoga goals moving forward and what I need to work on in order to improve my practice.” – Dominica B.

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