Q: Which postures can be done safely outside the hot room, between classes?

A: If you’re on holiday or just don’t have time to get to class, you can do what Bikram calls “holiday yoga”: one set of each posture. You can turn up the heat in your room or, if that’s not an option, just don’t push as deep in the postures. In terms of practising “one-off” postures, Bikram Yoga is designed to exercise and balance the whole body and mind, so it’s far better to perform the entire series in sequence, as the postures build on each other. However, Pranayama Breathing is a great “warm up” for any other form of exercise or simply to re-energize. Half Moon is nice any time, especially after you’ve been sitting or standing for long periods of time (it stretches your spine). Try Half Tortoise if you’re not sleeping well, as it helps to balance your /sleep-wake cycle.

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