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Rina Asks:

I have a great fear of Toe Stand! I just can’t seem to manage the courage to reach for the floor from Tree Pose. I’m afraid I’m going to go tumbling forward and fall out badly. How can I slowly transition to toe stand?

Bikram Yoga Vancouver Answers:

Start by bending forward at the hips, reaching your hands toward the floor directly below you. Steady your gaze on the floor right below you and just hang there, keeping your standing leg straight to feel stable and supported. Do this for 10 classes or so; by hanging there your hamstrings and spine will lengthen and your hands will get closer and closer to the floor.

When you are able to touch the floor, transition your weight into the hands/fingers, walk your hands/fingers forward on the floor in front of you and start to bend your standing leg at the knee, eventually sitting on your heel. Try to position your heel on the opposite sit bone for balance.

Place your hands/fingers on floor directly beside each of your hips and work on straightening your spine. Use your core/abdominal strength. Find your core strength by lifting your fingers off the floor a couple of inches with a straight spine. When you are able to keep the spine straight and balance with your fingers off the floor you can then bring your palms together in prayer. To do this, focus on stretching your spine up toward the ceiling at all times, aligning your spine to the gravitational force of the Earth. If you round the spine, gravity will pull you down!

Remember, practise makes perfect. It is really important that you do not feel any pain in your knees when performing Toe Stand. Be cautious and pay attention to the signals of pain – don’t push beyond that point.

Got any good advice for those too fearful to try Toe Stand? Leave your comment below! 

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