Cobra Pose Headache


I get an instant headache from Cobra Pose. It’s been that way for years, as I have tried it off and on. Any idea why?

Hi Donna! It may be that you are dropping your head back too much during the posture, which can create an unhealthy amount of compression in your neck, cut off circulation, cause tension and give you a headache. The next time you try Cobra in class, please start the posture by looking straight ahead (forward), keeping your neck straight and extended. Do not collapse your neck. While you can certainly look up, make sure that you keep your neck extended. Also, keeping your shoulders relaxed and down, away from your ears, may help take pressure off the back of your neck.

We also suggest you check our schedule to see when Lisa is teaching. Come to class a bit early and introduce yourself to her; she will gladly help you with this posture!


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