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Jennifer asks: For Wind Removing Pose, I follow all the directions given by the instructor but I never know if I’m doing the posture correctly. I can bring my knee very close to my shoulder, but I still don’t feel a pinch. What is the correct way to practise this posture?

Lisa says: Sounds like you have flexible hip joints, so you may not feel a pinch. However, you are still getting benefits by stimulating and massaging your abdominal organs and muscles to improve circulation and expel air and toxins from the digestive tract. Wind Removing Pose also improves flexibility in your shoulders, elbows, knees and hip joints.

When doing the pose, try to focus your attention on the areas of maximum compression and extension, and then relax a little more to deepen the posture. Think about your alignment: your shoulder blades, hips and leg should be touching the floor without twisting your body. Tuck your chin to chest, keep your neck flat and bring your arms and your elbows in, touching the rib cage. Last but not least, always pay attention to your breathing: in and out through your nose.

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