Rabbit Pose Bikram Yoga

PHOTO CREDIT: Alyson Strike Photography

Q: Every time I go to class I have to skip Rabbit Pose. I’ve tried it so many times but it is impossible for me to keep my forehead close to my knees. I am very flexible and do not have a problem with the rest of the postures, but Rabbit is my Achilles’ heel. Any advice?

Rabbit Pose is one of the most difficult postures for people who have a wider midsection or a long spine in proportion to their thighs or femur bones. Even the time of day you take class can affect your success with this posture, as your spine is far more contracted/compressed early in the day, making it more challenging to elongate effectively during Rabbit Pose.

The fact is, many experienced teachers will tell you it took them years to get their forehead to their knees – and they still may have trouble first thing in the morning. Our best advice: do a couple of extra sets of Rabbit Pose after each Bikram Yoga class to speed your improvement. Also, ask the teacher for some extra help after class the next time you practice.

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