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About a month into the new year and my Hot Yoga studio featuring the Bikram Series is packed with committed folks who are excited about taking care of their bodies. With each week that passes, however, I notice that class sizes are fading a little. Why does this happen every year? And what does it take to really commit to following through with our self-care?

I look at self-care as a type of soul work. From what I sense about the soul, it has little interest in physical fitness per se. Having said that, I think it’s clear that the energy of the soul and its ability to bring us to where we need to go in life is related to the energy of the body. As such, when it comes to following through with resolutions and commitments, we must make the connection between our bodies and our souls.

An alive and healthy soul needs to be contained in an alive and healthy body. It’s hard for me to imagine a thriving soul existing in a neglected body where attention to self-care is low. We need to keep reminding ourselves how the two fit together. Our commitment needs to be agreed upon by both body and soul, and we need to keep reminding our soul how important it is to keep its container alive and healthy all year long – not just for one or two months a year.

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