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Yoga for Seniors Old Lady Painting House

What a love-hate thing this Bikram Yoga is! It would be so easy to stay home and find other things to do each day. But now that I’m back into it again, and feeling better for it, I remind myself every day that when you get older, if you don’t do something that challenges you, you get older faster. It’s just so easy to fall asleep, let gravity take hold and not do anything that stretches you – literally as well as figuratively.

I see it happening all around me: seniors who seem to have forgotten that they need to take care of themselves. I have no judgment; I fully understand the temptation to just let it all go. What helps me is to remember Danny’s words one day when we were talking about this kind of thing: “Mom, you would take action to paint your house if it got to looking run down wouldn’t you?” And I know that my body is my home.

Another thing I love-hate about Bikram Yoga: it’s expensive! Now that my waist is dropping inches, I’ve got to get shopping for some new clothes. Poor me!


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