Older lady doing warrior yoga pose

Yoga for seniors is becoming more popular everyday and we’re lucky enough to have our very own guest blogger to fill us in on just what it’s like to get into the hot room a little later in life. This time around Danny’s mom, Naomi, relates what it feels like to return to the hot room after taking a travel break from Bikram Yoga.

I felt some trepidation as I was heading to a Bikram Yoga class in Tucson, Arizona, this morning after seven weeks of not having a studio nearby. It wasn’t easy putting my near-daily practice in Vancouver this summer on hold, but I was travelling and, in Taos, New Mexico, not close to a studio.

My first senses, in the hot room again, were relief and happiness that I was finally picking up my practice once more. I have to say that my next sense was missing the BYV’s Cambie Studio, with its size, cleanliness, great ventilation and high ceilings.

Not to mention, was I out of shape! I kept hearing Danny’s words: “Take it easy, mom. Just do it as much as you can. Continuity is the key.” And I was hearing Bikram’s words, as well – something along the lines of “90 minutes of pain, no pain at 90.” Through the whole session I was also extra appreciative of the great teachers at BYV: Rea, Jacob, Danny and Lisa (all of whose voices I was hearing at one point or another).

Hallelujah, once again at Savasana! I was spent, half laughing about how out of shape I was, half appreciative to be back in the hot room again. Once again Danny’s words were sounding clear in my head: “It’s the dosage that counts, ma.” So back at it I go.

Have you taken a Bikram break before? What did it feel like to get back to your practice, and what advice would you give to others returning to the hot room after some time away? Let us know by leaving a comment below!



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