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Danny‘s mom, Naomi, gives some insight into the differences she’s observed between Canadian and American yoga studios and what Bikram yoga for seniors is all about.

I hate to repeat myself, but I realize now more than ever how I didn’t appreciate BYV’s Cambie Studio when I was there several months ago.

The carpet in the Arizona studio that I’m currently practising at is a bit thick, and I find that I have more difficulty gripping the floor and keeping my best balance on it (even though Bikram says carpet is supposed to be best, and pushes all Bikram Yoga studios in that direction). Danny tells me BYV now has carpet with just the right thickness installed at the Kits and West End studios, and that the feedback about the new flooring in both spots has been positive.

Here in Tucson I’m finding that what was normal, costume-wise, in Vancouver is pretty skimpy by comparison. Everyone here seems pretty covered up – just as I was finally getting accustomed to feeling half naked! (Believe me gals, after 60 it goes that way; when you are the oldest one in your class, like I usually am, you will know what I mean.)

Actually, the spirit of the classes seems different here, too: I would say there’s less of a community spirit here. It’s funny that Canadians are usually considered more reserved than Americans, but the opposite seems to be true when it comes to yoga. My experience has been that the energy in Vancouver’s studios sparkles more.

I’m also finding that I would like more feedback from the teachers than I’m getting. Maybe here in Arizona they’re afraid of someone pulling a gun if they get too critical! Seriously, though, they give lots of positive feedback here, which is good in a way, of course, but I would like more critical feedback, as well. How else can you go deeper?

The latest voice in my head while practising is a reminder to “let the yoga do you.” That, along with “listen to your body,” and “don’t overdo it,” are the mantras that are keeping me on course as I get back into Bikram Yoga again.

Have you noticed any differences between Bikram Yoga studios in Vancouver and other cities/countries? Let us know by leaving a comment below!



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