We realize that we always say Bikram Yoga ‘just works’ and that you should ‘just try it.’ There are countless testimonials online (and in real life) of people who have had a life transformations as a result of their time spent practicing this yoga. So instead of being another source that tells you Bikram Yoga works, we wanted to take some time and show you. Thus, we are putting five committed individuals with various goals and differing life stages to the test – 5 Bikram classes a week for 3 months.

Meet Julie B. After years of the emotional and physical repercussions of recovering from a severe burn injury to her body and face, Julie has decided that it is time to quit smoking, lose weight, eat healthier, and let go of age old habits / anxieties that inhibit her from becoming her best self. Julie feels empowered and excited to kick-start a new routine of replacing the old habits with the new. Instead of hitting the couch exhausted after work, you’ll find Julie walking down Robson St. to hit her mat for 90 minutes at our Westend location – every weekday for 3 months. Julie has practiced Bikram Yoga a few times in the past but has never committed to a regular routine – we are hoping that by making nutritional adjustments in her diet paired with practicing regularly she will see the results she is looking for – from the way her clothes fit to an exciting, new attitude and self-confidence.

Meet Elviro. After suffering from a neck injury as a result of car accident, Elviro, father of three and business owner, has decided to take charge of his life and commit to a regular Bikram Yoga practice in order to heal his injury and improve his quality of life. Elviro has done Bikram Yoga before but is slightly intimidated by making such a large commitment. He is using the Bikram Yoga Experiment to dive right in,face his fears, and get the results he’s been looking for. Be sure to toss him a wave of encouragement if you see him at either studio!


Meet Julie R. Julie R likes to call herself one of the individuals who is lucky enough to “experience” (not suffer) from fibromyalgia.  Fibromyalgia is a mysterious but common syndrome in which people experience long-term, body-wide pain and tender points in joints, muscles, tendons, and other soft tissues. Julie turned to Bikram Yoga in order to improve her condition while decreasing stress in her life. She has been coming to Bikram Yoga for almost 6 months and has been coming 2-3 times per week and has already seen significant improvement. Julie is using the Bikram Yoga Experiment to push herself to increase that dosage to 5 classes per week in order to see if it has significant effects on her condition and overall well-being.

Meet Sheanna. Sheanna is ready for a transition into a consistent, healthy lifestyle – she is going to use her three month adventure in the Bikram Yoga Experiment to hold her accountable to making changes that stick. She has been promising herself for years to get up and follow through with her yoga practice and healthy habits. After coming to terms with these failed promises, Sheanna has reached a point in her life that is committed to moving into the next decade with energy and vitality instead accepting the inevitability of aging – including aches, pains, decreasing energy levels, and inflexibility. Sheanna is excited and motivated for this journey to give her the results she’s been longing for. You will see her out about around the Kitsilano studio where she will be practicing – be sure to say Hi!

Meet Jane.

Jane experiences difficulties in her digestion as a result of her condition as a Celiac – Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder of the small intestine where a person has a reaction to a gluten protein found in wheat. The condition affects the absorption of nutrients into the body and so Jane suffers from symptoms like fatigue from fluctuating thyroid and iron levels. In addition to this, Jane was an incredible athlete in soccer until she was in two major car accidents in 2006 and 2008. The accidents brought her athletics to a startling halt as a result of chronic pain in her spine. Jane has now committed to the Bikram Yoga Experiment in order to get back into shape, strengthen and heal her spine, improve her nutrition, and make some positive changes to her Celiac symptoms by helping to regulate the thyroid and digestive systems.

Want to join?

Interested in sharing this journey with our participants? Let our front desk know you want to participate. Sign up today, March 7th, through March 31st! Be committed! Complete the experiment? Get 20% off your next package. Track your results, download this handy progress chart here.

Keep up the hard work and Namaste,

Bikram Yoga Vancouver

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