Starting June 1, 2014, we will be holding the 2nd annual yoga challenge of all yoga challenges:  The 2nd annual BYV Summer Showdown Challenge is back and just in time to help get you into summer shape!

You have seen the 30 day challenges where you practice everyday, take a couple pictures and get your name on the wall when you’re finished.  We realize that not only is this a little boring, but it just doesn’t work with everyone’s schedules.  The BYV Summer Showdown challenge allows you to get fit for the summer months by practicing the way you would like to practice yoga.


  • Early bird registration is ON NOW!
    • Register and signup today and start your challenge EARLY!  No waiting around until June 1st to start!
    • Early bird registration is on until May 24, 2014.
    • Early bird registrants also qualify into a bonus draw for a 6 month unlimited pass


  • Runs for 92 days, from June 1 to August 31, 2014.
  • 3 different challenge categories to choose from.  There’s a challenge for everyone!
  • Currently on a package?  We will put your current package on hold so that you can pick up on it when September 1st rolls around.
  • Complete your challenge and enter into a draw for many great prizes, including a 6 month unlimited pass.
  • All summer showdown packages expire on August 31, 2014.

 the robust yogi

Sign up to secure your spot in the robust yogi – 15 class challenge!


 the stalwart yogi

Sign up to secure your spot in the the stalwart yogi – 25 class challenge!

the yogi simply known as ‘the boss’

Sign up to secure your spot in the ‘boss’ – 40 class challenge!


The prizes!!!

So far, we’ve got the following prizes lined up and are working on getting even more gear to throw in the mix. We’ll keep you updated to any new prizes!

  • TWO – 6 month unlimited passes at BYV (value: $640 each)
  • BYV Flex Passes (value: $199-$299)
  • Tickets to BYV Posture Clinics ($40/each)
  • Yoga Gear from Onzie, Yogitoes, Traumeel & more!

Q: But I already have a package, can I still participate? Because I want my share of those prizes!!

No problem! We want as many people as possible to participate in this annual summer tradition to get fit and to live a healthy lifestyle.   And don’t worry about losing time on your current package because for everyone that participates, we’ll extend your expiry to account for the time that you are on the summer challenge (excluding monthly autopays). When you finish your challenge you’ll just go right back onto the package that you’re currently using.

Q: I’m on the Monthly AutoPay program, how can I participate?

If you’re on the AutoPay program with us, we’d still love to have you take part in the program. You won’t be charged any extra fees, just let us know which of the different challenges that you’d like to aim for and we’ll keep track of all your visits between June 1 and August 31 and enter you in the contest once the end of the summer rolls around!

Q: I’m dying to start practicing today!  Can I start my challenge before June 1st?

Absolutely! We will be letting all early bird registrants start their challenges early if they wish.  Just register for your desired challenge category online and let the front desk staff know or email that you want to get in on the fun now!


So what are you waiting for? Join the Summer Showdown and show us who’s boss!! See you in the hot room!


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