Our Bikram Yoga Experiment Participants are reaching the  2 month point in their journey with only 1 month to go. 5 classes a week for 2 months has had significant effects on their health and well-being. Everything for to weight loss – our participants tell you how a consistent practice can alter your world. Read here:


Jane had a great month of yoga and has reported that the most significant changes have been weight loss, sticking to a healthy diet, improvements in old injuries from her car accident, and life transforming reduction in stress. She reports, “I have more clarity and can let stuff go.”







Elviro says, “The most significant physical changes seem to be that my waist is trimming up and my neck injury is improving a lot. I am all over the map emotionally though – I am grateful one moment and sad or pissed off the next.  Before the Bikram Yoga Experiment, I was not aware how much I had been neglecting my body.  But emotionally I am in a loving space.” Elviro has also made a significant increase in his water intake and has seen incredible improvements in flexibility.

When asked how the last month in the BYE has gone, Sheanna says, “It went. Finally starting to feel less exhausted and more capable, flexible and proud of myself.  My achilles has been bugging me the whole month, and the whole left leg all together. Sometimes I feel like the more I lock the knee in the first half the harder the floor series is. I had to find a way to make myself go and not dread it. It is so hard all the time! Towards the end of the month I started to find the meditation in yoga and that really helped me zen out.” She has seen significant physical changes in her posture, connection with her breath, and toning of her muscles. Emotionally, she has a greater ability to relax, find peace, and remain unphased by others. She reports that the greatest change so far from this experience has been a life-transforming change in her stress levels.

Julie R reports, “I’ve had more opening in my hips and joints in general – I feel more “loose” and relaxed and more energetic! Significantly less pain and less fibro pain! I don’t seem to have lost much weight but my body has definately changed. I feel more aligned as well.” She goes on to say, “Less pain means more space for relaxing in to each moment and enjoying my days much more fully. The experience of being ‘successful’ at allowing these changes in my body has opened more room for even more change/improvements to happen.”



Julie B says, “The last month was so much more positive for me.  I remembered that I control my emotions and not the other way around.  Knowing that I had the power to decide how positively or negatively I would experience this allowed me to give in to my practice and just enjoy what I was able to each day.  My yoga greatly improved by being kinder to myself.  Instead of struggling into each pose trying to be better each time, I relaxed, breathed and allowed my body to ease as deeply into the poses as far as was comfortable while breathing normally.  In effect I stopped being so stressed in all other areas of my life knowing that I am only in control of myself and that I do not have to be so hard on myself with every single thing I do.  I believe this is a lesson that I will have to continue to remind myself of forever.” When asked about physical changes, Julie says, “I went shopping and got to buy a new pair of jeans in one size smaller and felt fantastic!  My body shape is changing from the yoga and I am noticing leaning out in areas that were previously my problem areas such as my thighs.  My natural walking pace quickened because my body feels stronger and taller. I have also quit smoking and I feel better as a result especially during my yoga.” With a smile, she reminds us, ” I am definitely not a pro at this yet but with more practice and confidence it will continue to get better.”

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