At Vancouver Hot Yoga 101 (Hot Yoga 101) we believe in the power of yoga and strive for every member to accomplish their personal health goals. Whether your intention is to lose weight, de-stress, meditation, gain balance and flexibility, rehab an injury, cross-train, or simply to get a little personal time everyday, our specific Hot Yoga series provide a way to fulfill your wellness goals.

Why Hot Yoga?

Hot Yoga 101 offers Hot Yoga classes to help you achieve a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Our specific series is an intelligently designed sequence of 26 postures (asanas), practiced for 60 minutes in a hot room. The increased room temperature aids in warming the muscles and increasing the flexibility of the body tissues, allowing for deeper stretching and helping to prevent injury. Toxins are released through the breath and skin by sweating. The end result is an unparalleled feeling of mental and physical well-being and relaxation.

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