Bikram Yoga Love (Quotes about Hot Yoga)

February 14, 2013 8:01 pm

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It’s Valentine’s Day and we’re feeling the Bikram Yoga love! Read these Bikram Yoga quotes and hear what BYV staff and students love most about the original hot yoga.

Kent Wilkinson - Bikram Yoga TransformationKent W

“The number 1 thing I love about Bikram Yoga is the connection of the mind and the body. Keeping them connected during the entire class provides tremendous benefits.”


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Yoga for Seniors - NaomiNaomi M

“Now that my waist is dropping inches, I’ve got to get shopping for some new clothes!”


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Dominica BayDominica B

“I love the consistency of the series. Wherever I am in the world I know I can visit a Bikram Yoga studio and instantly feel at home, surrounded by a community of like-minded individuals.”


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yoga for ankylosing spondylitisVesna V

“Bikram Yoga is hard and demanding – at least 10 times harder for me than it is for many other yogis. But that’s why it works, and that’s why I keep coming. Bikram Yoga is my lifetime love; I will do Bikram Yoga forever.”


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Trevor EllestadTrevor E

“Every class brings me closer and closer to achieving that balance of body and mind.”


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Aaron JohnstonAaron J

“I love that Bikram Yoga works my entire body; I’m not a fan of traditional cardio at the gym and like that I can get it all in my practice. Not only does this yoga help my flexibility, it balances it out with strength.”

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Yoga Challenge Vegetarian Body Builder Ian Su

Ian S

“I can literally see and feel my body changing. And I notice these improvements happening faster with Bikram Yoga than other forms of yoga.”

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Sandra SirutisSandra S

“One of the best things about Bikram Yoga is that you’re forced to face the pain and let it go through you. It’s so uplifting to know that things CAN change.”


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Kaya SoKaya S

“I love teaching Bikram Yoga to my students and seeing the change it brings to their lives.”


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Gordon NGordon N

“The way it physically and mentally affects you – if you’re dedicated – is nothing short of awesome.”

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Nosh HedgemanNosh H

“Bikram Yoga has given me a new life that no other yoga has done for me, that no one else has done for me. People have tried but nothing has succeeded thus far but Bikram Yoga.”


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Rob Sombilon - Yoga PhotographerRon S

“I’ve met so many fantastic people through Bikram Yoga. My social network and business relationships have benefited hugely.”

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Hillary Ross

Hillary R

“I’ll be honest: I love it when they put the fans on and it’s party time! But I also love to go in the hot room, turn off my mind and just be led into this meditative state where I can love myself, improve my health and give thanks to every breath that moves each challenge.”


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Spandy Andy Bikram YogaSpandy Andy

“In my opinion, it’s the best way you can spend 90 minutes of your life.”


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