T asks:

I’ve been practising Bikram Yoga for two years, minimum four classes per week. I’m currently five weeks pregnant and wondering when to begin ‘s ; should I begin immediately? Also, should I omit all of the compression postures immediately?

Rea says:

It is recommended to begin the after three months (once your first trimester is complete). It is safe to do the regular series until the third month. The pregnancy DVD that we sell at the Vancouver hot yoga studios is a great tool for pregnant women; it will allow you to see the modifications that you will be doing in class after the first three months. Also, let your teacher know you’re pregnant (and will be doing the modified postures) before each class, extra hydration is key and always speak with your doctor. Hope that helps!

Mary asks:

I just found out that I’m five weeks pregnant; this is my second pregnancy. I’m currently teaching 10 Bikram a week, and am wondering whether I should take the first trimester off? I took the first trimester off of my practice during my first pregnancy, but came back for my second and third. So far I haven’t found any other personal accounts of , and am looking for the opinion of someone with firsthand experience. Thank you!

Rea says:

Hi Mary! Personally, I did not take any time off teaching Bikram Yoga. In fact, I taught eight to 12 hot yoga classes a week throughout my second pregnancy, and practised three times a week. I believe it is important to listen to your body – and especially your doctor! – and do what feels good. Each pregnancy is different; you will know when to take a break.

Read our blog post about Bikram Yoga and pregnancy; it’s got lots of great advice! And remember, this advice is not meant to replace your doctor’s professional opinion!

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