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In ancient Greek mythology, Gaia – the earth goddess – is thought to be responsible for all creation. As such, she’d probably be pretty happy with the selection of dried herbs, herbal tinctures, therapeutic herbal formulations and tea blends available at Gaia Garden (don’t forget the natural creams, salves, liniments, essential oils, aromatherapy items, vitamins and minerals that are also kept in stock).

Some of our favourites:

Bach Flower Essences:

A system of 38 flower remedies meant to correct emotional imbalances (negative emotions are replaced by positive emotions). We hear that Dr. Oz is a fan of these all-natural treatments for stress!

Dr. Bronner’s Soap:

If you love the hand soap in our hot yoga studios, you can buy your own bars at Gaia Garden! Made from organic extra-virgin coconut, jojoba and hemp oils, plus pure essential oils, Dr. Bronner’s cleans effectively without being harsh on your skin.

Gaia Garden Seminars:

We also love the seminars that are hosted at Gaia Garden from time to time. If you’re interested in learning about five popular herbs to complement traditional medicine, for example, master herbalist Julie Ahamed will be in on September 5 to talk about how hawthorn, licorice, turmeric, evening primrose and astragalus can help improve your health. Register by calling 604-734-4372 (cost is $20 per person; max 20 people).

All About Bob McCandless

Master herbalist Bob McCandless also keeps has been practising herbal medicine for 25 years. Not only does he (along with other in-store experts) give valuable over-the-counter advice on pre-made and “custom fit” products, you can also arrange a short or in-depth consultation with him at Gaia Garden. Bob is passionate about offering natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals, and believes that spiritual health helps mental and physical well-being (he meditates daily to stay calm).

“Because it works, it’s really fun,” says Master herbalist, Bob of his job. “I get feedback every day from people telling me, ‘Yes, I did this, it works,’ and it’s enormously gratifying to me.”

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