Learning to cook is cool

Whether you take one class or the complete course, OrganicLives’ multi-session series with founder Preet Marwaha will give you tools to make nutritious, organic, sustainable food, from smoothies to stocks, entrees to ethnic eats. The weekly workshops (Sundays starting April 1, skipping Easter Sunday) are also a chance to ask your most pressing food questions: Why organic? Why sustainable? What’s actually nutritious? What’s actually fairly traded?


Our own Cambie Studio neighbour – the Cookshop in City Square Mall – offers on-site cooking classes that cover the gourmet gamut from Italian to Indian, knife skills to cupcake magic. The next vegetarian course, “Indian Vegetarian” (April 28), will introduce you to basic Indian spices and cooking methods, fill you in on the best places to buy ingredients and reveal how you can create an authentic Indian feast at home.

Indigo Food Café

When Lovena Galyide started gaining weight, she became interested in nutrition; she eventually determined that “a diet of raw food is healthiest, the highest form of vegetarian.” Today the certified raw-food chef offers cooking courses at her Indigo Food Café, located just a few blocks from the Kits Studio, teaching you raw recipes you can make at home, plus one-day workshops on such topics as raw food for beauty.

Dirty Apron Cooking School

Downtown by our West End Studio, the Dirty Apron Cooking School doesn’t mince words (or meat) when it comes to its Viva la Vegetarian class: “The days of mushroom risotto being the only vegetarian option are long behind us. Vegetarian cooking is not only a healthy lifestyle choice, but chefs from all disciplines have also embraced cooking without meat and fish to bring new and amazing flavours and combinations to the table.”

With class offerings most months (next session Sunday, April 22), this course teaches students step-by-step prep for such mouth-watering meat-free dishes as caramelized onion, goat cheese and walnut tart with arugula pesto; artichoke, ricotta and pine nut tortellini with pan-roasted sultanas; and chocolate lava cake.

Rooted Nutrition

This school, which operates out of Radha Vancouver on Main Street, focuses on whole-foods cooking; it also offers several special dairy- and gluten-free classes. Rooted Nutrition also holds do-it-yourself courses that teach you the benefits of fermented beverages (you’ll finally understand why so many BYV teachers and students chug kombucha), cleansing greens and sprouting.

Don’t worry meat eaters; some of the schools mentioned above offer omnivorous options, too! Check the websites for more info. And, if you know have other suggestions for veggies who want to make food, leave a comment below!

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