The Soap Dispensary Main Street Vancouver

Another local business we love! Not only does the Soap Dispensary on Main Street and 20th Avenue, run by Linh and her hubby, Stewart, sell some of the best soaps and cleaners we’ve ever tried, it’s fighting the good fight for Mother Nature, too!

The Store

“We are a refill store selling premium soaps, cleaners and personal care products on tap,” says Linh. “We are trying to help our customers reduce their plastic footprint by allowing them to reuse their containers and, as a retailer, taking responsibility for the amount of packaging and waste that we pout out into our community. A lot of people stop in and say, ‘I’ve been waiting for this all my life!’ or, “This makes perfect sense!’”

The Soaps

Linh describes the soaps she sells as “hardworking, biodegradable and gentle on children, pets and people with sensitivities and allergies.”

“We currently carry seven brands produced in Metro Vancouver, as well as a few from across Canada and the U.S.,” she adds. “We also bring in products from other parts of the world that fit with our goal for living a less-disposable lifestyle.”

Among the many virtues of these sensational soaps and cleaners:

  • Biodegradable
  • Gentle, with a variety of dye-free and scent-free options
  • Concentrated, meaning you can do more with less
  • Cruelty-free, with some vegan-certified products

Says Linh, “You can fill laundry soap, dish soap, stain remover, bleach, non-chlorinated bleach, vinegar, baking soda, shampoo, conditioner, all-purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaner, body and hand soap, moisturizer, bubble bath – I could go on and on!”

You can view a full list of products here.

The Soap Dispensary Main Street Vancouver

How It Works

As a refill store, bring your own empty, clean containers by (or pay a small deposit fee to obtain a reusable container) and, well, fill ’er up. It’s really that simple!

Soap Making Workshops & More

The Soap Dispensary also offers various workshops with a green theme in store, including: soap making, cloth diapers, composting, detox, aromatherapy and more. Visit the online Calendar of Events for details.

The Soap Dispensary – Soap Refill Store from Grant Baldwin Videography on Vimeo.

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