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Beyond the physical benefits, this dedicated BYV student says that a regular Bikram Yoga practice inspired her to change her life path and pursue a career she’s truly passionate about. Meet Dominica, and learn about her new business, Pure Vibe Whole Body Vibration Studio. If you’re wondering what whole body vibration is, and how it can improve your yoga practice (and your overall health and fitness), read on!

Tell us about your very first Bikram Yoga class …

I’d been doing yoga since 1997 but knew nothing about Bikram’s series. In 2004 I went to my first class at Bikram Yoga Northside in Australia. It was much different than the Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Flow I’d been practising, but I enjoyed the heat and appreciated the structure of the class and the integrity of the series – not to mention the mental clarity and calmness I felt after. I was working on a cruise ship at the time and was only able to practise Bikram Yoga two months of the year, but once I retired from that industry I decided to set a goal to complete 475 classes in 2012. I’m at 425 classes now, and have six weeks to do the last 50! And yes, this means I’m in the hot room daily, and do doubles when time allows!

What do you love most about the practice?

I love the consistency of the series. Wherever I am in the world I know I can visit a Bikram Yoga studio and instantly feel at home, surrounded by a community of like-minded individuals. At BYV specifically, I appreciate the quality of teaching and the friendly and accommodating team that welcomes you with a warm smile.

What do you find most challenging?

I can’t crack Rabbit Pose, no matter how hard I try! As soon as I tuck my chin down and my head hits my knees, it’s just boobs in my nose and I find it hard to breathe. But I know when I get that “ah ha” moment, it will all be worth it!

What’s your best advice for Bikram Yoga beginners?

Do a 90-day hot yoga challenge and stick to it no matter what; we’re all busy, so just do it! If you want to see changes and get results you have to be prepared to do things differently. I guarantee by day 15 you will start to feel the connection and never look back!

What are some of the main benefits you received from Bikram Yoga?

I’m stronger, leaner and more flexible, my balance, digestive and immune systems have improved and I feel more energized. I’m also tougher and better able to deal with the unexpected in a calm, rational manner. Bikram Yoga has helped me cope with a lot of stress and anxiety and has given me the strength to carry on during difficult times. There was a five-year period after I lost my brother that the only time I found peace was during class. But the most rewarding element has been the mind-body connection, which recently prompted me to change my direction and open Pure Vibe Whole Body Vibration Studio, specializing in whole body vibration (WBV) fitness.

Pure Vibe Whole Body Vibration Vancouver Standing BowTell us more about your studio and about whole body vibration …

My passion is preventative medicine and I wanted to share the incredible benefits I’d received from WBV with others. This technique uses a machine with a moving platform that sends pulses of kinetic energy through your body when you stand or place some part of your body on it. As each wave moves up through your body, some of the energy is absorbed by the tissues of your body and is converted to heat. Muscles and joints feel and operate better when they are warm, and whole body vibration creates a warming effect in your muscles and joints quickly and easily. The benefits include accelerated weight loss, increased metabolism, improved muscle tone, greater flexibility and core strength and decreased cellulite. It also burns fat and calories, builds bone density and improves circulation. No matter your age or abilities, whether you suffer from back pain, are recovering from an injury or just want an athletic edge, three to four sessions a week of WBV will accelerate your fitness goals and deliver results so you start to feel better, look better and live better.

Has Bikram Yoga influenced your career at all?

When I started my challenge in 2012, I was taking eight to 10 classes a week and staying active by running, hiking and swimming as well. But somehow, despite my effort and willingness, I wasn’t progressing in my practice. So I started training with WBV. I couldn’t believe the difference it made and how incredible I felt. I could finally hold Standing Head to Knee and get deeper into Standing Bow (to name a few). WBV gave me a boost of upper body, core and resistance training that allowed my practice to grow. As for starting my own business, Bikram Yoga made me eager to learn about my body and how it functions and prompted me to get in tune with my body’s needs. My entire lifestyle shifted and I became extremely passionate about health, nutrition and fitness. Bikram Yoga opened my mind and gave me the courage and strength I needed to pursue my passion.

Have you influenced any friends or family members to give Bikram Yoga a try?

My mum and I made a pact that we’d always ensure the other practises Bikram Yoga, for as long as we live, and I’m confident I’ll be practising beside her 30 years from now because of the incredible benefits of the series. I have yet to get my fiancé in the hot room, but he supports my practice all the same –every time I do a double he gets to play golf!

With the holidays coming up soon, we’re asking members of the BYV community what they do to give back. Are there any charities or non-profits you like to support?

I love to give back to the community and support as many charities as possible. I am the director of fundraising for the AJ Bay Foundation and organize annual fundraisers to support BC Mental Health, Mind Check and VCC Music Scholarships.

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