If you weren’t looking for it, you might miss it. Housed in a 1914 heritage building where East 28th Avenue and St. George Street meet, Le Marché is what you might call the modern version of a general store. For sale: a mix of fresh and preserved foods, textiles, handicrafts, baked goods and, of course, coffee.

Seasonal organic produce displayed in wooden crates outside the shop includes plump heirloom tomatoes, white eggplant and pink-cheeked apples. Inside, order a classic cappuccino (served in a tea cup) and pain au chocolate from the café so you can sip and nibble as you peruse the pantry shelves for locally made apple cider, cold-pressed olive oil, artisanal breads and fresh eggs courtesy of Le Marché’s very own backyard hens.

[Photo Credit: Raul P]

Though the juxtaposition of albacore tuna (caught and canned in Courtenay, B.C.), milk-chocolate sardines, shaving brushes and Borax detergent may seem odd, it all somehow comes together in this charming, family-run shop. There are also one-of-a-kind housewares for sale – antique cutting boards, Mexican embroidered pillows, linen bath towels and sash cord baskets.


Insider secrets:

? The walls were finished with a coat of coffee grounds to give them an “old-world” look.

? Pick up a pot of honey collected from beehives that are kept at the café.

? Check the cooler for locally made cured meats and cheeses. Thursdays bring a fresh delivery of products from Abbotsford’s Birchwood Dairy.

? Locals and regulars can apply for a tab, to be paid monthly.

? Watch the website for news of an upcoming pop-up supper or store hosted by Le Marché. And, if you don’t live in the area, check out the blog and online shop.

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