No. 1: More space!
When the old Cambie Studio shut its doors, Kitsilano regulars welcomed the wave of displaced students with open arms – despite a squishier yoga room and longer lineups for the showers! Well, that’s all about to change. Once the new studio opens at City Square Shopping Centre on October 1, many yogis from the Cambie area who have been practising at Kits will likely return to their old stomping grounds. Plus, the addition of 46 new class times at Cambie will mean more choice – and more “Pranayama Breathing” room – for everyone!

No. 2: New window treatments!
Mehndi-like window treatments went up at Kits yesterday to transform and beautify the studio’s exterior. In India, “mehndi” refers to the decorative application of henna on the
skin. These gorgeous window mehndi were custom-made just for us!
No. 3: Dr. Bronner’s Soap
We searched high and low for the perfect hand soap for our studio. Dr. Bronner’s Magic Pure Castile Classic Soap is made from a combination of organic extra-virgin coconut, jojoba and hemp oils, plus pure essential oils, so it cleans effectively without being harsh on your skin. The relaxing lavender scent will soothe your body and calm your mind – the perfect way to continue your day after Bikram Yoga!
How do you feel about the improvements at Kits? Anything else we can do to make your Bikram Yoga experience better? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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