Q: Is it better to practise Bikram Yoga in the morning or in the evening? I’ve been attending 6 a.m. classes but find it really difficult to achieve the postures that early in the morning – my flexibility seems “limited.” Whenever I am able to practise later in the day, however, I find that my flexibility has increased.

A: We are naturally less flexible in the morning so it would make sense that you have to work harder to go deeper at that time. I find that practising in the morning makes me stronger so I am able to get deeper using my “strength” than when I practise in the evening. In the evening I am like a rubber band compared with the morning, so I use my strength to hold the postures longer. I think it’s more important to find a balance between your strength and flexibility, so listen to your body and alternate between mornings and evenings – or do mornings for a while until you want to switch it up.
Also, if you want to increase your flexibility in a posture, do three repetitions of that pose after class (morning or evening). You will see major improvement this way.

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