When did each of you start practising Bikram Yoga, and why?

Hannah: I started doing Bikram Yoga last December; my grandparents, who’ve been practising for the last eight years, encouraged me to try. I was told it would benefit my running and soccer. After the first class, when I realized how much more flexible my grandparents were than me, I decided to add Bikram Yoga to my weekly routine.

Tiara: I took my first class with Hannah in the summer of 2011 but didn’t start going regularly until this past January. I was looking for something to help with my chronic neck and shoulder pain, and tight, restless hamstring muscles. I knew I needed to find an activity that focused on stretching and strengthening all of the muscles in my body.
How often do you practise together now?
Tiara: Right now I’m going five times a week; Hannah comes with me for one of those classes. The yoga is a good complement to her busy sports schedule and I believe it will not only benefit her performance in these sports but also decrease her risk of injury.
Personally, I’ve noticed that consecutive classes have really helped me improve my flexibility and make progress in the postures. I have a very supportive husband who takes over the dinner and bedtime routine so that I can get an evening class in!
What are some of the benefits you’ve gained from Bikram Yoga?
Hannah: What benefits don’t I gain from practicing Bikram Yoga!?!?!?! Other than the obvious (improving flexibility and strength), I feel less stressed, sleep better and gain a sense of accomplishment at the end of each class.
Tiara: As Danny has said, “Go every day for a couple of months and see how you feel, you will never look back.” I feel that Bikram Yoga has and will continue to improve my health, happiness and wellbeing. It helps me to balance my busy life and find peace in the short periods of quiet that appear in the day.
What do you love best about practising Bikram Yoga together?
Hannah: I love spending time with my mom no matter what we are doing: shopping, homework … whatever. However, there is something special about sharing the Bikram Yoga experience. I love the way that there is always a slight sense of competition during the class. Who can hold Toe Stand the longest? Who can touch their forehead to their knee? But most of all, I love doing an activity with her that has so many benefits for both of us and is challenging every time, no matter how many times we do it.
Tiara: It’s a neat experience to practise side-by-side with your daughter. Even though there are no words spoken during those 90 minutes, I feel connected with her and feel that we are working together for a common goal.
Tiara, what do you admire most about your daughter?
Hannah’s demeanour within the hot room is very much a reflection of how she approaches things outside of the studio. She works hard and is not afraid to challenge herself. She strives toward perfection yet is patient and willing to put in what is necessary to come toward that goal. She is an amazing person and I’m very lucky to be her mom.
Hannah, what do you admire most about your mom?

I admire the way my mom works so hard day after day to give my brother, my sister and I the best chance at life possible.


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