Starting Bikram Yoga a little later in life may not have been easy – but, for BYV regular Rob, it was a solid decision! Read on to discover why …

 When did you start practising Bikram Yoga, and why?

I started four years ago. Someone told me it was easy. I am still trying to find the person who said that!

What was your first class like? When did you return for your second – and what finally got you hooked?

I remember my first class very clearly: Danny was teaching and, though I had trouble breathing after the second posture, everyone else seemed fine. It took me a month to recover – and until I came back to Bikram Yoga. It took me a full year, off and on, until I finally got hooked.

How often do you practise Bikram Yoga now?

I practice three days a week.

In what ways has Bikram Yoga benefitted you?

I have lost about 10 pounds, and really enjoy the classes and my fellow students. I like sports, and Bikram Yoga helps me stretch more. I also live with three women, so the yoga helps me relax.

Any advice for people who want to give Bikram Yoga a try a little later in life?

Try going once a week, then gradually try to increase to two times a week. Increase at your own speed. Also, go to the back of the class so Lisa can’t catch you relaxing!

What’s your favourite posture? Which pose do you find most challenging?

All the positions are challenging for me; my favourite is the breathing relaxation at the end of class. That’s when I know I made it.

Have any BYV teachers in particular had a positive impact on you?

All the teachers are good. I even appreciate most of Danny’s jokes now.

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