How to join our ONLINE LIVE Streaming Classes

March 24, 2020 11:40 am

HOW TO BOOK a Live Streaming Class:

***Email to get your First Class FREE***

1) If you don’t have an account with us: Register at

2) Download the ‘Hot Yoga 101 app’ on your phone to check class schedule.

3) Book into the ‘Online LIVE STREAMING class’ with the Hot Yoga 101 APP (or BOOK HERE).

4) Download the ZOOM app on your phone; OR go to on a laptop.

5) Make sure you pre-book your class at least 2 hours prior to start of class. The Live Streaming Meeting ID will be sent to you via email. (Make sure you use an email you check!)

6) Sign-in to ZOOM 30 minutes before class starts.


1) If you plan on using your phone, download the ZOOM app.

2) For desktop, go to and enter the meeting ID.

3) Please use the mute button when you’re not speaking to prevent feedback. The system is set to bring you in on mute mode.

You do not have to join with video, however, we encourage you to do so to foster personal, albeit, virtual connections, and so the instructor can offer feedback and motivation!

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