Toe Stand: Padangustasana

Man with Tattoos Doing Toe StandWoman Doing Toe StandToe Stand is an amazing posture not only because it is beautiful to look at, but because it is wonderful to develop the practitioner’s psychological and mental powers, especially the power of patience. Toe stand also punctuates the standing series and prepares us for the stillness and relaxation of savasana.

Benefits of Toe Stand

  • Helps to cure gout and rheumatism
  • Strengthens the stomach muscle
  • Strengthens joints
  • Helps to relieve arthritis in all the leg joints and hips
  • Promotes balance and focus in the body and mind

Tips for Toe Stand

  • Make sure to distribute weight evenly through your thighs, calves, and all areas of your foot before going down
  • Keep your standing leg locked out while you bend down to the ground looking four feet in front of you
  • Try not to go into autopilot, remember to keep listening to the dialogue
  • Always remember to not get ahead of yourself, “slow and steady wins the race”
  • Keep lengthening your spine by pretending to touch the top of your head to the ceiling
  • When you are confident that you can balance, switch your gaze to meet your eyes in the mirror, engage you abdominal muscles, take a long inhale through your nose, and life your toes to balance
  • When lifting, press your palms together really tight in front of your chest

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