Rabbit Pose: Sasangasana

Woman Doing Rabbit PoseMan with tattoos Doing Rabbit PoseAlthough you may not think of a rabbit being the exact opposite of a camel in the animal kingdom, these two postures are opposites in the Bikram Yoga series. Rabbit Posture is a fantastic posture for balancing out the spine after the deepest backbend in the series – Camel Pose and rounding out the body for the final couple of postures. If you’re studying up on your Bikram trivia, you should also know that Rabbit Posture is the only asana in the series that involves the use of a “prop”, your towel!

Benefits of Rabbit Pose

  • Improves digestion, glandular problems
  • Helps improve conditions of the sinus, common cold and chronic tonsillitis
  • Helps insomnia and depression
  • Regulates the metabolism
  • Stretches the spine to increase proper nutrition to the nervous system
  • Improves the mobility and elasticity of the spine and back muscles

Tips for Rabbit Pose

  • To get the proper grip, cradle your heels in your palms over the towel, getting a firm grip with your fingers.
  • Lower your chin, round your shoulders, collapse your chest, curl your torso, and crunch your belly
  • Emphasize the exhalation
  • As you curl, life your hips into the air and pull
  • Make sure not to lose your grip as you go forward – this is where your power comes from
  • Each time you exhale, pull and roll forward like a wheel and such your stomach in

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