Looking for a way to keep your mat clean and smelling fresh every time you unroll it in the hot room? Yoga Body’s Yoga Mat Spray is our favourite new way to safely clean and extend the life of your yoga mat. Containing 98% natural ingredients and designed specifically with disinfection in mind, this spray restores your mat with 6 powerful essential oils while also helping to benefit your respiratory system and invigorate your practice.

Just spray a thin layer onto yoga mats after class and either wipe away or allow to air dry. Each 240ml bottle of mat spray contains enough natural cleaning power to keep your mat fresh and clean for weeks! This spray can also be used as an airborne disinfectant, room spray or gym bag and shoe spray.

Yoga Body’s Yoga Mat Spray contains the following essential oils:

Lavender: anti-microbial, bactericide, anti-viral

Thyme: anti-fungal, anti-microbial, aids memory and concentration

Sweet Orange: fungicidal, bactericidal, tonic to digestive and nervous system

Fennel: anti-microbial, tonic to digestive system

Eucalyptus: bactericidal, anti-viral, expectorant and decongestant

Cypress: soothes anxeity and stress *of interest: cleanse energy and psychic blockages


Look out for Yoga Body’s Yoga Mat Spray at all of our studios! 

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