Skidless Yoga Towels

A series of sticky little silicone (not latex!) nubs on the back of every Skidless towel (made by Yogitoes) will put an end to slippery experiences in the hot room. It works like those “safety socks” with the rubbery grips underfoot – the patented nubs actually grip your yoga mat, creating traction and keeping the towel firmly in place … and you’ll never risk your unintentionally turning into the splits!

We’ve been testing these non-slip towels; trust us, they work! Rarely did we have to adjust the towel during class, making it easier to focus on our practice (it even heightened our awareness of weight distribution on our feet). Plus, Skidless towels are lightweight (not too

thick, not too thin), super-absorbent (they dry in a flash) and come in tons of colours (tie-dye!). Most are even made with recycled content.

BYV TIP: Flip the towel over and use the nubby side to stimulate pressure points on your feet and hands! Just remember to give your new Skidless a pre-wash before first use, running it through the washer on its own (or risk having rainbow-coloured laundry). After that, throwing it in the wash with the rest of your stuff won’t be a problem.


rUniverse Bags

Also by Yogitoes, each rUniverse bag is made from not 10, not nine, but 11 plastic water and pop bottles that may have otherwise ended up in a landfill. We love these bags because they’re big enough to hold all your yoga gear (and then some), easy to clean (important when you’re lugging around sweaty stuff) and feature straps that can be extended at the bottom to carry your rolled-up yoga mat.

Plus, for each rUniverse bag sold, Yogitoes donates $1 to 5 Gyres, a non-profit that tackles plastic marine pollution (scary to think there’s actually a plastic garbage patch floating in the North Pacific Ocean spanning an area that’s roughly TWICE the size of the United States) through exploration, education and action.


Wanna win a Skidless yoga towel of your own? We’ve got several to give away – just leave a comment below telling us which Bikram Yoga posture is your slipperiest …

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