Bikram Yoga student turned teacher turned fashion designer, Moni El Batrik, is at it again and we couldn’t be more excited for her! Why are we excited? Well, not only is Moni El Batrik a special part of the Bikram Yoga Vancouver family, but she also makes amazing, unique and special yoga gear for women and men. Best of all our Cambie hot yoga studio and are stocked up with a ton of colourful new additions from her line, Chikum Advanced Athletic Wear & Care.


We’ve already spotted a number of you checking out the new styles on the racks, but in case you haven’t made it into one of our hot yoga studios in a few days we’re going to give you a closer look at all the new styles that we’re carrying… They won’t be here for long though so get into our Cambie or Kitsilano yoga studio or give one of them a call!

Cambie hot yoga studio – 604.568.0688

Kitsilano hot yoga studio – 604.742.3830


Chikum Hot Yoga Wear – Pris Top – $50.00

  We’ve stoked the shelves with the Chikum Pris Top in Blush Pink/Lavender, Royal Blue/Charcoal and Yellow/White.


Chikum Hot Yoga Wear – Sasita Top – $50.00

Find the Chikum Sasita Top in Navy Dots/White, Neon Pink/Charcoal and Yellow/Lavender.


Chikum Hot Yoga Wear – Zaardula Shorts – $55.00

The incredibly popular Chikum Zaardula short comes in True Blue, Red, Black/Charcoal and Navy Dots.


Chikum Hot Yoga Wear – Zed Shorts – $55.00

You can sweat away in the Chikum Zed short in a pair of either Royal Blue/White or Red/Chacoal/White.

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