Pre-class Skin Prep

We definitely recommend removing makeup before exercise. Cleanse your face with a gentle formula, like our Stone Crop Gel Wash, to remove makeup and impurities. This will minimize any bacteria getting trapped on your skin during a hot Bikram Yoga class, which will increase circulation and open up your pores as you sweat. Try to avoid heavy moisturizers before class as well. If you’re keen for some moisture, try a lightweight serum.

Non-slip Skin Care

If you want to ensure you don’t compromise your grip during class, you may wish to hold off on lotion prior to your practice. The natural lipids in hand creams are sure to be a bit slippery when they come into contact with sweat, so there isn’t any guarantee of a lotion that will minimize that. Ideally, wait to apply until after a sweaty workout like this, as your skin will be warm and moist – perfect to absorb a nourishing cream.

Post-class Prep

After class wash your face with a gentle cleanser to remove any bacteria caused by sweat, then follow your regular skin-care regimen for the day. The heat will increase circulation in your skin and may leave you red for a while, so we recommend starting with a healing serum – like our Cornflower Recovery Serum – followed by a day moisturizer that works for your skin’s needs. We have a number to choose from, but our Stone Crop Moisturizer has a fresh scent and is great for most skin types.
For the body, follow a Bikram Yoga class with our Lychee & Chestnut Firming Leg Treatment, which was specially formulated to relieve sore, tired legs. Also, use one of our refining and hydrating sugar scrubs a few times a week to keep your skin glowing.

Breakouts Begone!

It’s very common to see an increase in breakouts from exercise. Top priority is to wear breathable clothing and shower immediately afterward, using a cleanser on your face and body to remove any bacteria. Exfoliation is important to make sure there isn’t any excess sebum building up on the skin that can cause breakouts. Exfoliate with a gentle product like our Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant at least three times a week – you can use this on your chest and back as well – and then follow with our Clear Skin Probiotic Masque to treat and heal the skin.

Go Organic

There are so many benefits to using organic products over those with chemical ingredients. The natural, nourishing ingredients found in organic skin-care products actually feed the skin (think nutrition and protective antioxidants). Your skin will be at its best with the use of these products, not suffering from any of the over-drying or other negative side effects of using harsh chemicals on your skin. In and out of the hot room, your skin will be in the best shape it can be.
Visit Éminence Organic Skin Care for more great tips, product info and a “where-to-buy” guide, and be sure to leave your best Bikram skin-care secrets below!

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