With three studios across Vancouver, BYV’s got some pretty amazing neighbours. The next time you do yoga at our Cambie hot yoga studio, be sure to visit Body Energy Club (directly across from Safeway in City Square Mall). Not only will you find a wide selection of vitamins, nutritional supplements and natural foods, the staff members – who really know their stuff when it comes to health – make some of the best organic smoothies in Vancouver!

Body Energy Club – The Story

Best friends Dominick and Phil took their passion for health and fitness to the next level by opening a 500-square-foot store on Davie Street in 2002. A year later they hired Rick, who now acts as managing director of Body Energy Club and was instrumental in the start of its Organic Smoothie Bar. It didn’t take long before a second store was opened in City Square Mall and an extensive online store – one of the largest online vitamin and nutritional supplement stores in Canada – was launched. Today, Body Energy Club offers a huge range of products and a team of over 25 employees eager to answer all your questions. Through it all, the goal’s been the same: to offer the widest selection of products at the lowest possible price, in order to ensure healthy lifestyle choices are available and affordable for everyone.

Body Energy Club – The Products

Between its two stores and website, Body Energy Club offers a range of over 5,000 products, including high-quality vitamins, sports and nutritional supplements, protein powders, natural foods, antioxidants, digestive health enzymes, electrolytes and all the greens, cleanses and detoxes trending in the holistic health-care market. Best of all, friendly staff members like Phil, Rick, Dominick, Chris, Aleks, Leona, Brenden, Ty and Grayson can answer all your questions and help you navigate the many options. If there’s a health product you’d like to see Body Energy Club carry, just let them know!

Body Energy Club – The Smoothies

The health-driven smoothie bar at the back of the store definitely deserves a visit – especially if you’re craving a little ORGANIC pick-me-up after your Vancouver hot yoga classes. With no sugar, artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours added (plus at least 25 grams of protein), these blended drinks are naturally good. Marvin recommends the Matcha Green Tea smoothie (matcha green tea, banana, raw agave and almond milk) while Renée says her fave flavour – Coconut Bliss – tastes even better when you request to have a spoonful of coffee added! In fact, there are plenty of customizable options available, like almond and hemp milk, plant-based proteins and various add-in supplements.

Best Bets for Bikram Yogis

Leona, one of Body Energy Club’s amazing bloggers, recommends the following products for hot-room yogis:

  • Whole-food, plant-based Vega products are loaded with electrolytes, anti-oxidants and other good-for-you ingredients, and are perfect pre, during and post class.
  • Elete electrolyte add-in (just squeeze drops into your water) to stay hydrated, keep your muscles working in tip-top condition and recover quickly following exertion.
  • Organic coconut water to replenish electrolytes you may have lost during class. Just be sure to avoid the flavoured stuff, which may have added sugar.
  • Anti-bacterial coconut oil and tea tree oil to keep your skin clear and help prevent breakouts.
  • Green supplements and B vitamins to give you a boost of energy and help you get to class on days you’re feeling stressed and worn out.

What’s your favourite Body Energy Club smoothie or product? Leave a comment and let us know!

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