Q: Some students drink ice water during Bikram Yoga – is this really the best option for hydration? What should the temperature of the water I drink in the hot room be?

A: The best water to drink isn’t extreme in temperature, because anything you ingest needs to either be heated up or cooled down to body temperature in order to be useful. Add to this the fact that Bikram Yoga gets your core temperature up, and you can see how ice-cold water would only cause your body to work overtime (i.e., exert more energy) to get that bevy to body temperature! So, for basic hydration, water at room temperature or just slightly cooler is least shocking to your body, and will keep you the most hydrated. (Also, water that’s too cold can cause stomach cramps.) Once class is over, however, cold water is great as it’s especially suited to replace water in the body that you’ve lost through perspiration. Of course, your best strategy for hydration is to drink plenty of water before you step into the hot room!

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