What is Traumeel?

As mentioned in the intro above, Traumeel is a totally “au natural” homeopathic remedy for sore muscles, tendons and general body aches and pains. Its built-in anti-inflammatory and analgesic (pain-killing) properties help to soothe muscular aches, joint pain, sports injuries, bruising and sore tendons, bringing temporary (and, in many cases, long and lasting) relief – no chemical drugs required!

What does it treat?

Traumeel, which is used widely in sports medicine, can be used to aid recovery from sprains, strains, bruises, nerve pain, swelling and post-surgical pain. Because some soreness is common among, in particular, beginners to Bikram Yoga (a result of all the bending we do – you’ll get used to it!), Traumeel is a great way to soothe your body between classes.

How effective is it?

BYV teachers who use Traumeel – particularly in conjunction with other alternative treatments like icing, massage, acupuncture and Epsom salt baths – love it. And we’re not alone. Numerous clinical studies have supported Traumeel’s efficacy, and satisfied consumers routinely post rave reviews online, calling the ointment (it also comes in gel and tablet form) a “wonder product” and citing “relief in 24 hours.”

What are its ingredients?

Among Traumeel’s all-natural ingredients (in ointment form):

•Monkshood to reduce pain after injury;

•Leopard’s bane to reduce swelling and bruising;

•Belladonna to reduce swelling and pain;

•Daisy to treat bruising;

•Pot marigold to stimulate the healing process;

•Chamomile to provide soothing pain relief;

•Echinacea for immune support;

•Purple coneflower to stimulate the healing process;

•Witch-hazel to relieve bruised soreness;

•St. John’s wort to relieve pain;

•Yarrow to treat minor bleeding; and

•Comfrey to relieve joint pain.

How does it work?

The many healing properties of the flowering plants listed above make it possible for Traumeel to soothe and heal without any man-made pharmaceuticals – plus, they’d make a gorgeous Traumeel garden:

If you’re using the ointment, simply apply a generous amount to the affected area. Many yogis who use Traumeel experience relief in a short amount of time.

Got any other natural remedies for muscle aches and pains, swelling or soreness? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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