By Noa Glow

They don’t call Savasana the most difficult posture in Bikram Yoga for nothing! Perfect stillness – a catalyst for meditation – can be really hard to achieve in our hectic modern lives. We recently came across a four-part film that explores the subject of meditation in more depth, with an aim to teach viewers to use it as a means of looking within for guidance, fulfillment and happiness. Read our review for Inner Worlds Outer Worlds – an amazing documentary by Canadian musician and meditation teacher Daniel Schmidt.

Meditative Insights

After studying the meditation practices of cultures and religions around the world, Schmidt, who runs a meditation and yoga centre in Ontario with his wife, Eva, found that all spiritual traditions seem to share a common mystical underpinning: a single vibratory field of energy that connects us to each other and to the source of all creation.

One Vibratory Field

As Einstein found, the “nothing” or “emptiness” of space is actually “filled” by a powerful field of energy that can be observed simply by looking within ourselves. Unfortunately, many of us have strayed too far into the realm of thinking (i.e., what we perceive to be the outer world of form), thereby losing our link to our own true inner nature. Meditation can help us regain this balance between our inner and outer worlds.

Meditation is Key

Plato hinted that a “golden key” unifies all the mysteries of the universe, connecting the manifested (outer) realm with the un-manifested (inner) realm. Reality, then, can be described as an interplay between yin and yang or consciousness and matter. And, according to ancient traditions, we all have the potential to become a bridge between the two, to fully awake and become conscious. This is achieved through meditation.

In Schmidt own words, “Meditation is not so much a technique to master as it is a re-orientation of the heart – a selfless act of love and surrender into the mystery and stillness at the core of our being.”

So many of us mistakenly try to pursue happiness “out there,” and this only further enslaves us to our thoughts and desires. Our freedom to think about all the things we want or don’t have has spun out of control. Fortunately, we need only learn to look within ourselves to our own timeless inner consciousness in order to find the guidance and contentment we seek. It’s not wrong to want to be awake, to be happy. What’s wrong is to look for happiness outside, when it can only be found within.

Free For All

The documentary, which contains many more fascinating details about the nature of the universe, consciousness and meditation, is free for anyone to watch. As the official website for the movie states: “It became clear during the making of the film that Inner Worlds Outer Worlds had to be released for free for the benefit of all beings. In the ancient traditions, the dharma or ‘the truth’ was always taught freely and never for personal gain or profit in order to preserve the purity of the teachings. It is Daniel and Eva’s belief that to awaken one’s true self, one must awaken the entire world.”

Visit Inner Worlds Outer Worlds to watch all four parts of the film for free. You can also make an optional donation to the Schmidts’ Awaken the World movement if you wish.

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