Eating a good breakfast

Eating breakfast wakes up your metabolism and gives you that early energy boost that you need to last throughout the day. If you eat breakfast it will help you avoid chowing down at lunch time. Your body is more effective and experiences less fatigue if your metabolism is steady throughout the day.

Eating smaller, better tasting meals consistently throughout the day

This way you won’t have spikes in your blood-sugar levels but will still feel full and satisfied.

Stopping to eat at the first signs of feeling full

This seems like a no-brainer but many of us eat very unconsciously at mealtimes. Try to do nothing else but eat during a meal. No cellphone chats, no bbm, no email, no tv, no internet. Just eat. Taste each bite as it enters your mouth like you focus on your breath during savasana in the yoga room. If you focus on the way your body is feeling you will feel when you get the signs that you are full.

Chewing food slowly 

If you aren’t doing anything else but focusing on your meal really engage in the activity by thinking very deeply about chewing slowly instead of unconsciously shoving each bite down your throat.

Making each meal count

Get eating back on your priority list! You depend on your health to be alive and you need a proper diet to be healthy. Instead of focusing on quantity, think about quality. Light a candle. Play some beautiful background music. Share a meal with a dear friend. Take your coworkers out to your favourite sushi spot. Make every bite count.

Chill out and do yoga

Research suggests that it might be important to avoid stress before eating. Stress might contribute to high or prolonged blood-sugar levels after a meal. This contrubutes to a whacky metabolism which we are trying to steady. Also, stress effects mealtime choices toward larger portions of high sugar and high fat food options. Thankfully, if you are reading this site your probably already know that yoga decreases stress levels so do more yoga.

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