BYV students practise for various reasons: some want to lose weight, others wish to gain it. Some hit the hot room to rehab old injuries, others to keep the symptoms of existing conditions at bay. For Kenford Nedd, a medical doctor with a special practice in behavioural medicine and stress and a regular at our Kits Studio, the reason to maintain a daily Bikram Yoga practice is simple: get the upper hand on stress. Learn more of his expert insights into stress management, and enter to win tickets to his upcoming seminar at UBC, “Power Over Stress.”

“Stress is a worldwide plague,” says Dr. Nedd, who, for over 20 years, has devoted his life to helping people around the world find relief from stress, improve their personal effectiveness and live happier lives. As president of the International Stress Control Centre, Dr. Nedd treats patients in both clinical and corporate settings for anxiety, headache, pain and stress disorders. He’s also a captivating and inspirational international speaker who delivers seminars and programs that focus on creative alertness; how to engineer the body and brain for peak performance; how to establish control over the body and emotions; how to impact the future; how to enhance leadership; how to jumpstart success; psychological stamina; emotional fortitude; how to acquire high levels of energy; how to upgrade your health as you work; how to boost memory and brainpower; how to build superior relationships; how to establish control; and how to become happier and more motivated in these stressful times.

“Stress leads to anxiety and depression, and even plays a critical role in our overall physical health,” he explains. “Stress increases the impact of most diseases, including heart disease and cancer, on our bodies, so it’s critical to get this problem under control.”

Fortunately, there are many ways to manage stress – and Bikram Yoga is one of them. When Dr. Nedd first discovered the practice five years ago, it quickly became an integral part of his own, personal stress-management routine – not to mention one of the remedies he regularly “prescribes” his patients.

“Bikram Yoga is about improving your energy, not just stretching your muscles,” he explains. “I refer many of my patients to Bikram Yoga, for stress-related reasons and to help them master their emotions, and, besides my own experience, I’ve received plenty of feedback that it works.”

He gives the example of a business exec who recently told him, “When I have a stressful time coming up, I go to Bikram Yoga and the stress just disappears.”

In fact, Bikram Yoga, which is designed to flush toxins from your system during each 90-minute class, results in the release of certain stress-induced hormones as well. The 26-posture series is also ordered so each position flows into the next, releasing tension in the muscles and relaxing the body through the stimulation of pressure points. No wonder practitioners leave the hot room feeling renewed, refreshed and relaxed!

Finally, says Dr. Nedd, the controlled breathing exercises – Pranayama and Kapalbhati – featured at the beginning and end of the Bikram Yoga series enhance your ability to relax, release tension and experience a clear, focused mind. “Simply knowing how to relax and breathe through a stressful situation can help,” he says. “Bikram Yoga not only helps you look and feel good, it also helps you to function better and improves how you deal with stress in your daily life.”

Want to learn more? Visit Dr. Nedd’s website at, where you can watch videos and access free tools, including a Stress Maintenance Test to see how resilient you are over the ravages of stress.

Learn How to Deal With Stress From the Doctor Himself

Presented by Dr. Nedd, the Power Over Stress Seminar will change the way you live and work by providing you with practical self-help techniques to improve your health and personal effectiveness, as well as set the tone for outstanding success. Topics to be covered include:


• 7 keys to master stressful moments

• Dealing with anxiety and depression

• Preparing for a stressful meeting

• Thriving under pressure

• 5 practical techniques to create a happy workplace

• Aborting stress in 11 seconds

• Keys to reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and memory loss


Here are the details:

Date: Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Time: 11:30 a.m.-12:45 p.m. (bring your lunch)

Location: Room 200, 6344 Memorial Road, UBC School of Music

Price: $25 (normally a $99 value)

Register now, or enter to win one of 10 tickets by leaving a comment below telling us how Bikram Yoga helps you better manage stress in your life!

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