We may be biased, but we think Cocos-Pure, a company based right here in Vancouver, makes some of the best-tasting coconut water around (no wonder we keep BYV stocked with the stuff)! Check out our review, and be sure to attend our one-year anniversary celebration at the Cambie Studio on September 29 to receive a free can of coconut water courtesy of Cocos-Pure!

Cocos-Pure: The Company

For founders Aron Tegenfeldt, Tiffin Clark and Jim Dunn, growing up in beautiful British Columbia taught them to be acutely aware of the natural world around them. Later in life, when they ventured beyond B.C.’s borders, they became interested in creating a sense of health and connection with themselves and others.

It’s that feeling we all experience when we travel, that we dream about bottling and taking home with us, according to the Cocos-Pure website. During a deep reflection one day, relaxing in a couple hammocks, of course, we realized the common thread in every one of our travel experiences was the presence of the coconut! This simple, understated fruit that grows literally everywhere in the tropics and is a staple of nutrition and nourishment for hundreds of cultures – no wonder we always felt so great when we were away!

The trio fell in love and, after discovering it’s endless list of health benefits of coconut water, decided to share the drink with their friends in Canada. They are now bottling the healthy nectar of the tropics (using young coconuts from Thailand) and bringing it home to you to help power your passion.

Cocos-Pure: The Benefits of Coconut Water

Cocos-Pure coconut water, which has no added sugars or preservatives, is a good way to replace five key electrolytes that could be lost during a Bikram Yoga class: potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, sodium and calcium (in fact, coconut water contains up to 15 times more potassium than commercial sports drinks). It’s also readily absorbed by your body, which means it can be converted into energy quickly.

What is an electrolyte? Click to find out!

Cocos-Pure: The Taste

There’s no doubt people love the taste of Cocos-Pure coconut water. Here is just some of the feedback the company has received about its product:

Customer Reviews

> Cindy: “You have the most amazing coconut water ever! I have tasted them all and nothing comes close!”

> Nicole: “If you’ve not yet tried it, there is no better kind!”

> Jen: “Craving Cocos-Pure from here in Greece – looking forward to it when I get back home.”

> Jaime: “Super excited to find Cocos-Pure at Mt. Baker yesterday! Best post-shred bevy!”

> Shoshana: “Buying another couple of cases of Cocos-Pure tomorrow; cannot get enough!”

> Piknik: “Enjoying a cold Cocos-Pure after a rollerblade on a warm Vancouver night. I like that it doesn’t taste like sweat (as some coconut waters do).”

> Korey: “I just bought Cocos-Pure at Nesters in Whistler! Best coconut water ever!”

> Alex: “Your coconut water is incredible.”

Free Vancouver Yoga/Free Coconut Water

To help celebrate our one-year anniversary, Cocos-Pure has generously given BYV 650 free coconut waters to hand out to each student who practises at the Cambie Studio on September 29! Stop by, sweat and sip – for free!

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