We still know, according to cosmopolitan and men’s health magazines, that the best place to meet your soul mate is where you workout. Let’s review the benefits and downfalls of meeting your mate in the hot room.

10 Reasons To Date a Bikram Yogi!

  1. If they can handle a Bikram Yoga class, you know they can handle any adversity. Strong spine, strong character.
  2. They can help you locate the nearest healthy hot spots.
  3. They are a very cheap date!
  4. They perform well with minimal clothing.
  5. They know how to work under hard conditions.
  6. You only have to clap twice to turn them on.
  7. They have excellent flexibility and stamina.
  8. They like it really, really, really hot. (They don’t mind a little sweat.)
  9. They will bend over backwards for you.
  10. Just when you think it’s over and you’re about to light the cigarette (ick! stop that!), s/he says “second set!”

We thought it would only be fair to include both sides of the coin. So you might want to stray elsewhere after reading some of these:

10 Reasons Not to Date a Bikram Yogi!

  1. They get aggro if they can’t see themselves in the mirror.
  2. They do yoga all the time, even on vacation.
  3. You will always be second to their water bottle.
  4. Every problem you have they will assume can be fixed by yoga.
  5. They’ll never lose another game of twister.
  6. They like to take themselves to the edge. Homebodies beware.
  7. They need to go to bed early.
  8. They will always put Bikram Choudhury‘s words before yours!
  9. Their idea of a romantic dinner is half a Japanese ham sandwich.
  10. They constantly mumble beneath their breath “kill yourself!”


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