Cobra Pose: Bhujangasana

Beautiful Woman Doing Cobra Pose

The first posture in the spine strengthening series, Cobra Pose increases flexibility and strengthens.

Benefits of Cobra Pose

  • Improves concentration
  • Massages and tones the back muscles
  • Increases spinal strength and flexibility
  • Helps prevent lower backache
  • May help to cure lumbago, rheumatism, and arthritis of the spine
  • May also relieve menstrual problems
  • May help to cure bad posture and loss of appetite
  • Improves the functioning of the liver and spleen
  • Strengthens the deltoids, trapezius and triceps

Tips for Cobra Pose

  • Fingers should be together and no farther than the tops of your shoulders
  • Look up to the ceiling, using your spine strength to lift yourself rather than your arm strength
  • It’s very common for the belly button up off the floor in this posture – it’s a body proportion thing
  • Make sure that your arms are “L-shaped” at 90 degrees from the side

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