Class Types

Feel the heat, embrace the burn, and watch your inner strength shine through. Our Hot Yoga & Hot Pilates class are designed to challenge your body, increase flexibility, and boost your confidence. Break a sweat, embrace the intensity, and leave every class feeling empowered and ready to take on the world!
Hot Yoga 101 offers 2 different types of classes: Hot Yoga & Hot Pilates

Hot Yoga

Our Hot Yoga classes are based on the Bikram series, consisting of 26 poses practiced in a hot room heated to 40 degrees Celsius with 40% humidity. Our classes provide an intense workout, while helping you improve your strength and flexibility, while also helping you unwind and de-stress.

The Bikram series is the best way to lose weight and get in shape for people of all ages and abilities, especially beginners. Expect to burn between 400 to 700 calories per class.

Inferno Hot Pilates and Hot HIIT

Inferno Hot Pilates is the HOTTEST new workout from New York and Las Vegas is now in Vancouver!

Inferno Hot Pilates and (Hot HIIT) are fun, challenging, full body, low impact workout using Pilates principles and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).   It combines cardio and muscle toning in a heated room and is performed on a yoga mat and towel.  The High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) keeps your heart rate up, helping burn fat and calories, and increase fitness levels without the pounding of a high impact workout.

Designed for all fitness levels.

**The Hot Pilates Class is a speciality premium fitness class and is a separate membership from YOGA**