Hot Yoga 101 Terms & Conditions


For All Time and Class Packages


Account Maintenance

  • In order to protect your account, you will need to provide picture ID on your first visit to Vancouver Hot Yoga 101 (Hot Yoga 101)
  • ALL members are required to have a picture taken for account security purposes



  • Full Refunds only on unused packages within 10 days of purchase
  • Refunds may be granted to those that are moving more than 30kms from any of our studios, but must provide at least one of the following:
    • Tenancy agreement or proof of new residence
    • A letter from your new employer on company letterhead with a phone number to be used to validate
    • Utility bills in your name – these must indicate that your current Vancouver account has closed and that you have started a new account in a new residence
    • Letter from new educational institution on their letterhead with a phone number for validation

Hot Yoga 101 reserves the right to refuse a refund on any package or service more than 10 days after purchase. 

An administration fee of 20% for the refund of any unused classes or time will be applied 


Holds, Extensions & Transfers

  • There are absolutely no extensions, holds or transfers on packages (no exceptions)
  • Packages are non-transferable and you may be asked to provide official government issued identification to verify your account at any time.

In the case where any of the above terms and condition have been disobeyed, Hot Yoga 101 reserves the right to terminate these accounts without refund or account credit.