You know when Bikram says in the dialogue, “Pull harder! And do it with your smiling happy face!!” and you realize all the tension you are carrying in your furrowed brow and how frustrated you can feel sometimes? Well, if you know exactly what we’re talking about then this list is for you. It’s yoga people, smile, enjoy the ride, and try these smalls things that will help you remember to keep the fun and positivity in your practice.

1. Get a yoga towel that pops with energy

Whether it’s your favourite color or a symbol of your intention, color acts as a great reminder of positivity and ease. Bikram likes orange. Lisa loves the Baktuli towels! They are made of beautiful cotton. Add your inspiration color to your clothing or make it a permanent part of your practice with your yoga mat. Color works wonders.


2.  Set an intention

At the beginning of class, right before the teacher comes in, set an intention for your class. Try something fun like “this class is a celebration of my life” or “this class is a reminder of how much I love my body, no matter where it is today, I am satisfied.” Revisit your intention during Savasana and smile. Intentions help us put each class in context and buffer frustration and competition. Bikram often asks the class “whats the most important thing in YOUR life?” The answer is YOU! So simple, so take care of yourself.


3.  Put a little pizazz in your water bottle

Get some Emergen-c and test out different flavour combinations. Don’t like sweet? Try cucumber water or add a bit of lemon. The fun flavours can be a little reminder to smile and enjoy the time you’ve set aside for yourself. We’re so hard on ourselves outside of the yoga room, this is your time to relax and let it all go.


4.  Bring a bud

Bringing a friend to class can be a night and day difference in your attitude. Their presence will help you stay light and happy – especially if it’s their first time, plus, they get their first class free. Just remember, we practice silence in the yoga room at all times!


5.  Put smiley faces on the bottom of your feet 

We admit, this is kind of silly. But this way, when your foot pops over the top of your head in standing bow or when you go into tree pose you get a cute and simple reminder to not take yourself so seriously.

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