Cartoon Woman doing Standing Bow Pulling PoseWhen you’re a woman and well-endowed, Awkward Pose isn’t the most uncomfortable posture in the Bikram Yoga series. Female yogis blessed up top may find several of the floor poses, or postures that require touching head to knee, somewhat challenging. If this is a problem you can relate to, read on … we’ve got words of wisdom that may help!

You’re Not Alone

Do a quick Google search for “Bikram Yoga” and “Big Boobs” and you’ll find that many ladies are in the same boat – or bra, as it were. Here’s an excerpt from a blog post entitled, “Not a Bikram Body”:

“The real problem is that some of the Bikram poses are just not designed for big boobs. And, in order to get half as far as someone else (e.g., a guy or a small-breasted gal), I have to work that much harder to (to name just a few) a) lift my chest off the towel (Cobra/Bhujangasana); b) get my forehead to my shins (Hands to Feet/Padahastasana); and c) find cute outfits. (OK, the last one is vanity, but still, it’s true.) And by the way, while everyone else is looking at their bellybuttons, I’m being smothered in my own cleavage. Not as fun as it may sound.”

Problematic Postures

We asked students what poses are particularly difficult to do with a large bust – and why:

  • Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee Pose: the sweat from mine drips right into my eyes – every time! Yuck!
  • For me it’s Rabbit Pose. I can’t do it properly because, if I do, I’m suffocating myself!
  • My nose is nestled right in my cleavage for Rabbit Pose.
  • I’m a 32D and have problems getting my boobs to move out of the way to get deeper into poses. It is funny and sad all at once. I see the smaller-busted ladies doing just fine while I’m manipulating my body to get out of the way of my boobs. If only I had a C cup!
  • I’m a 38D and feel like my boobs constantly get in the way when the teacher tells us to touch our head to our knee. I feel better knowing it’s a big-boobed thing rather than an “I’m not flexible and can’t do the pose” thing.
  • I’m an H cup, trying to get more active, but “the girls” seem to get in the way of everything I try! Oh well, we can only work with what we have!

Simple Solutions

While it’s true that “we can only work with what we have,” there may be some fast fixes that can help make your practice more comfortable:

  • Wear a fitted, supportive bra/top that helps keep every part of your body in place.
  • If you’re experiencing great pain or discomfort, ask the teacher before or after class if there are any special modifications you can do while you work to improve your practice.
  • Have patience! As you continue to do Bikram Yoga, you may find yourself gaining flexibility and/or losing weight from your chest. Both can help improve your performance during your practice.

Got any more advice for your fellow yoginis? Please leave a comment below this post!

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