Q: I’m going to a small island for six weeks this summer. There is no Bikram Yoga available at all. Any suggestions as to what I can do so that my return in September isn’t too reminiscent of my very first class? Help!

A: Good news: just because you’re going to a “Bikram-free zone” this summer doesn’t mean you have to give up your practice! Just go to iTunes and download “Bikram’s Beginning Yoga Class, Vol. 1” and “Bikram’s Beginning Yoga Class, Vol. 2” ($9.99 each; volume 1 goes through the Standing Series while volume 2 includes the Floor Series) onto your computer, then practise three times a week – or more, if you like! While it’s possible to recreate conditions in the hot room to some degree by plugging in a kettle (or some other source of steam), you don’t necessarily need the heat to practise; you may not be able to go as deep into the postures, but you’ll still feel great!
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