The redheaded royal was turned on to Bikram Yoga by DJ Goldie, whom he befriended on the set of a talent show. Goldie – a 44-year-old actor and musician – has been quoted as saying, “Bikram Yoga is the most amazing thing I’ve ever done in my life. I’m addicted; I want to do it every day.”

Though how Harry holds up in the heat (not to mention where his studio of choice is located) remains to be seen, we wondered if any other members of the British Monarchy use Bikram Yoga to work out their royal aches and pains?
As it turns out, Kate Middleton may have relied on Bikram Yoga to calm her nerves in the weeks leading up to tying the knot with Prince William. If true, the Duchess of Cambridge made a wise decision, as the 26-posture series is said to lower stress levels by flushing away toxins, releasing tension in the muscles, stimulating pressure points and providing an opportunity for relaxation and meditation.
While Harry’s grandmother, Elizabeth II, hasn’t taken a class (yet), some of her guardsmen are said to be practising Bikram Yoga as they prep for the Queen’s Birthday Parade in London on June 16. With the city currently experiencing record-high temperatures, the guards, whose uniforms include long-sleeved coats, pants and thick fur helmets, are looking to increase their heat tolerance with sessions in the hot room.
If any other members of the British royal family wanted to give Bikram Yoga a try, they wouldn’t have to go far: London boasts at least 11 studios throughout the city, with another eight located across the U.K.

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