Telia asks: The other day in class, Michelle showed us what some of the poses are supposed to look like. Cedric often does this, too, and I love it; it really helps to have a visual. So my question is: Why do teachers simply recite the dialogue without demonstrating the postures? Personal trainers demonstrate moves for clients all the time – shouldn’t Bikram Yoga, where the teacher is the expert and the students are clients, do the same?

BYV says: While visual demonstrations can be helpful from time to time, too many will break the “flow” of a class. Verbal commands, on the other hand, force you to listen, carefully, for cues and will help you to develop patience. If you’d like to see what the postures look like outside the hot room, flip through Bikram’s Beginning Yoga Class, which is full of photos and pointers on each pose. Also, sign up for Craig Villani’s Comprehensive Class on July 21 at Cambie, which will allow extra time for demonstrations, corrections and questions

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