We know that fighting the clock is one of the most difficult challenges to getting into the yoga room. Here’s our best advice: stop making excuses and make your health a priority. Use these practical reminders to help when you are struggling to find the space in your life for a regular Bikram Yoga practice.

1. Write down your priority list and read it as often as you need to. We know this sounds a lot like another to-do list that hangs uselessly on your refrigerator – but we mean it. Take the time to sit down and write a list of the Top 5 most important things in your life. Dress it up, use pretty colors, spray some fresh summery perfume, and put it somewhere you can’t ignore. If your health is on that list (as we hope it is number one!) then remembering and honoring yourself enough to set the time aside for your yoga will be easy – even if your list has to hang on your rear-view mirror or alert your Google Calendar every morning at 8:30am.


2. Schedule the classes you will be attending in advance. We know, we know – meetings or night classes, play dates or bike rides along the sea wall, schedules get hectic fast. The best way to get around our busy schedules is to beat them to the table. If you have your yoga planned ahead of time, everything else in your day will fall perfectly around it. This won’t actually seem true until you try it – trust us! Use our live schedule as often as you need to! Bookmark it to your smartphone homepage or your browser toolbar so you can check it whenever you’re planning your days out!


3. Make yoga as convenient as possible. Prepare, prepare, prepare. Keep a spare yoga outfit in your bag, your friend’s purse, your bike basket, and the trunk of your car. Borrow one from our lost and found if you need to. Keep your mat and water bottle next to your front door so when the time comes around to hit the yoga room you’ve got all your necessities in order. Sign up for our Towel program which eliminates the need for carrying around your mat and towel all day or get an unlimited membership to avoid worrying about your class card or payment before class. In the beginning, every physical obstacle in the way of your yoga practice is compounded by the three mental obstacles you will need to overcome as well. This gets easier quickly. Soon, you will be carrying your friend’s yoga clothes, setting their Google Calendar reminders, and reading this list back to them!


4. Start getting hydrated today for tomorrow.  The best way to avoid dehydration in yoga class is to stay hydrated enough for Bikram Yoga at all times, even if you aren’t practicing every day. Pick out a sweet water bottle and carry it with you as if it’s your wallet or cellphone. Read our recent hydration blog to know how much is best for you. This way, if your friend asks you last minute to join him to the next class you won’t be able to resist!


5. No more excuses. Taking responsibility for your health and your life will allow you to diminish your tendency to place blame on others for your own shortcomings. If you don’t have time for yoga, it’s not your boss’ fault, or your niece’s fault, or your bike’s fault. Once you have fully committed to changing your life and improving/maintaining your health, the excuses will quickly dissolve and you will make it into the yoga room as much as you possibly can –  probably improving the relationship you have with your boss, your niece, and your bike.


And remember, as always, if you need some quick motivation you can always shoot us an email at support@bikramyogavancouver.com and we’ll reply with some cute and helpful motivators, or you can just keep reading our blogs.



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