We compiled a list of suggestions from teachers and students of their absolute favourite things to do after a Bikram class! Been looking for a new post-class ritual? Check ’em out here:

1. Replenish your electrolytes! Avoid headaches and cramping. Drink some coconut water.

2. Take an Epson salt bath (or try this).

3. Have some brown rice sushi next door! At Kits, check out this place. In the Westend, it’s worth the walk to try this place.

4. Chug down a smoothie or some blended juice. Lisa, our co-owner, loves to blend up fresh watermelon and drink it straight! Mmmmmm.

5. Have some tea and chat with a friend. Need some ideas for tea locations, check out the Yelp reviews here.

6. Cool down – go for a walk / bike ride at Spanish Banks.

7. Have a BBQ at Jericho Beach (like Danny!), fill up on protein, and share some laughs.

8. It might be a good time to make a difficult phone call. Handling tough situations after yoga is a tiny bit easier because you tend to be more objective, calm, and emotionally aware.

9. Write down all of your epiphanies! Start a blog and share it with us (like this one!) or get a pretty journal to record your private thoughts.

10. Last but not least, never underestimate the value of a long nap!

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